Travis Brodeen

Hello! I’m a technologist, startup veteran and business coach. In Mid 2019 I stepped down from the company I co-founded, to pursue working directly with entrepreneurs. I’ll be using this site to share what I’m doing and to document my pursuit of lifelong success and helping others succeed. You can also find me on Twitter and a few other places, or you can also reach me on email.

Things I’m Making

  • MVP Institute
    Training and Coaching for Early Stage Entrepreneurs focused on launch strategies and techniques to prepare for fund raising.
  • MVP Empire
    Startup Podcast highlighting strategies, successes and failures we all experience when getting started.

Communities I Run

  • MVP Empire Facebook Group
    Come hang out with us on our new Facebook Group for Entrepreneurs focused on growing their business as efficiently as possible.

Things I Wrote

  • Top 10 Pitch Deck Mistakes Every Founder Is Making
    (in progress)
  • Your Pitch Deck Sucks

Platforms I Use